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GPS Stuttgart GmbH

Our goal is to make the states of industrial devices, systems, machines and processes transparent and understandable in order to improve the productivity of companies.

Our SICON solution understands how industrial processes really work and makes it possible to increase performance and avoid production downtimes through easy-to-understand recommendations for action.

To this end, we apply our experience from mechanical and plant engineering, as well as research, robotics, device and software development.

We advise you on the planning and implementation of your digital strategy

Wir bieten Ihnen eine sofort einsetzbare IIot Edge Computing Plattform mit offenen Schnittstellen und AIoT Devices zur Analyse Ihrer Prozesse.

We offer support in the development, implementation, commissioning of digital products and services

We work in IoT/Industry 4.0 Research projects on the future of production and implement these approaches directly in solutions for your production.

Experience how simple digitization can be


With our SICON ecosystem, you can start implementing immediately. We offer you an open operating system for the IIoT with expandable interfaces for connecting any automation and an open API for using the data in your IT systems, MES, PPS and also third-party systems.

Our IIoT operating system collects all relevant data from your automation, analyses and transforms it and stores the relevant information with timestamps and semantic information in an internal memory. You can connect this smart data with all your systems.

The integrated artificial intelligence (AI) evaluates the data and provides your workers with valid recommendations for action in order to operate your production at its optimum.

You have control and sovereignty over your data.

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Get your company ready for the next level of digital transformation in production. We help you to implement digitalisation in your company and achieve your productivity goals.

Potential analysis

Detection of weak points in machines and processes

Analysis of the existing database

Strategy development

Develop a digital roadmap for your company

Selection of relevant use cases

Business model development

Planning of novel digital business models

Testing the theory by means of pilot projects

Planning and monitoring of the implementation

Creation of specifications

Selection of technologies and solutions

Support up to the safe operation of the solution

We accompany you during the implementation


We also digitise your devices, systems or machines and help you to implement your requirements for your future Digitisation


Planning and implementation of CPS, IOT or AIOT devices


Development of additional adapters, connectors and apps for the ECO system SICON


Integration of IoT platforms and on-premises solutions

Digital services

Create digital services and digital twins. Recognition of devices via QR code or NFC for a digital image

We make data smarter and available at any time. Surprisingly simple - just plug!


We are active in German and European IoT research projects together with top research companies and institutes and are preparing new approaches for the industrial digitalisation of the future.

Key technologies from a wide range of fields are used in the process:

Cyber-physical systems


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing


Industrial Analytics

Experience how simple digitization can be

Application examples

Our solutions can be used wherever Raw data from different sources into usable Information is to be aggregated; this is specified in the The system can be used in a wide range of industries and application scenarios.


Digitisation of machines and systems to open up a wide range of use cases

We make your machines fit for the future; no matter whether Predictive maintenance, Condition monitoring or Remote access - We offer manufacturers and operators of Machines customised solutions

Cooperation partner

GPS Gesellschaft für Produktionssysteme and Software AG cooperate in the digital development of machine landscapes.

Access machine data and display it on a dashboard via the cloud: Stuttgart-based IoT specialist GPS relies on Software AG's IoT platform

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We implement the knowledge gained from this directly in our solutions for your production.