Research projects

IC4F - Industrial Communication for Factories

The lighthouse project IC4F - Industrial Communication for Factories aims to develop secure, robust and real-time communication solutions for the manufacturing industry. 15 project partners from industry and research created a technology toolkit for a trustworthy industrial communication and computing infrastructure. 

Key technologies from the areas of 5G, multi-access edge computing (MEC), cloud computing, virtualisation, industrial monitoring and analytics are used. The technology toolbox is intended to enable users to select the right ICT technologies according to the new Industrie 4.0 requirements.

SICON as data integrator in the use cases of IC4F

Application partner Bosch

SICON.OS for Mobile Manipulation and Massive Sensor Network

SICON for tapping localisation data and states of assets on the shop floor

In "Mobile Manipulation", continuous environment sensing is realised by an automated mobile transport vehicle via cameras/laser scanners via 5G. This optical data is integrated to update the virtual image of the factory to enable value-added services for manipulation tasks.

In "Massive Sensor Network", numerous Bosch XDK sensors are networked to detect acoustic signals from machines at shop floor level and send them wirelessly to the Bosch XDK platform (preprocessing takes place here). Anomaly detection and interpretation of the acoustic signals takes place in the backend to detect irregularities during machine operation.

Application partner STILL

SICON.OS for Localisation and Crowd sourced Asset Tracking

SICON for Visualisation of mobile vehicle positions and warnings in case of undesired conditions

Localisation" is about the localisation of floor vehicles (indoor/outdoor) for collision warning and warning of forbidden zones and the provision of this information for the driver and control centre. In addition, this data is used for the tracking of transport goods (integration of MES data from Siemens) with simultaneous consideration of factory gate conditions.

In the "crowdsourced asset tracking" democase, the ground vehicles are also used to find "lost" objects that can be located via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Application partner MAG-IAS

SICON.OS for "Monitoring of Machine parameters

SICON for Visualisation of axis movements of a machine tool in real time as well as historical data

A wireless control panel was implemented in the Democase using state-of-the-art "Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication" (URLLC) radio technology from Fraunhofer IIS to accelerate set-up processes in real time. The availability of aggregated, historical data allows additional applications such as predictive maintenance. 

The project IC4F is funded within the framework of the PAiCE funding Programme by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) promoted.